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Commercial arrears rent recovery

We are the Southwests only independant enforcement service specialising in the Commercial Arrears rent recovery,we respond with a fast service and at no cost to the Landlord.We are Certificated Enforcement Agents(formaly Certificated Bailiffs) and are regulated and certificated by Minstry of Justice.

We operate  under the Tribunals ,Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 which was brought in effect in April 2014 and which replaced distress for rent, using section 72 which allows a commercial landlord to use Schedule 12 ( taking control of goods) which enables to recover rent payable from the tenant, without  needing to attend a court.


 Only Applies  to the rent, interest and vat payable under Lease

The rent arrears must be at least 7 day of rent.

Only for commercial premises, if for example a pub has seperate staff flat, then the flat must be on a separete lease and a separate entrance, then CRAR can be used.

The Landlord if they wish to use CRAR,  he has to give the tenant 7 Days ‘ notice of enforcement Agent after the rent becomes over due.

Under CRAR, We (Certificated Enforcement Agents formaly Cerificated Bailiff)are the only people  permitted to seize goods belonging to the tenant  to recover rent arrears.

We can enter using open or unlocked door  and loading  Bay, between 06:00 and 21.00 or the tenant’s normal working hours(ie Nightclub opens between 10pm to 3am)

Tools of the trade used by sole traders  will be exemptup to a value of £1,350.

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The Process

As soon as your tenant falls into arrears with the rent( at least 7 working days under CRAR), contact  Beacon Enforcement Service and will start on the same day.

Compliance Stage

After receiving your instruction, we will send a Notice of Enforcement  to your tenant giving them 7 clear working days to pay, this will cost the tenants £75.00 plus vat

Enforcement Stage

If payment or arrangement plan has not been arranged, then one of Enforcement Agents will arrive at your tenants property and will look to take a payment or the agent will look to take control of your goods in order to clear the outstanding balance via a payment plan.For all debts under £1500 there will  be a fee of £235.00, if the balance is  over £1500 then a further 7.5% of the balance over £1500 is charged.

Sale or disposal stage

A fee of £110 will be charged if an Enforcement Agent attends your property with a view to removing your goods for sale at public auction.As with the Enforcement stage there willbe a further 7.5% charged if your debt is over £1500


Remember it’s cost free to the Landlord!