Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery




Recovery Tribunals Courts and Enforcement Act 2007, providing authorisation under section 73 (8) to exercise Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery and Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013I/We hereby authorise any enforcement agent under the instruction of Beacon Enforcement to commence a schedule 12 procedure against my/ our tenant including Taking Control of Goods, chattels and effects in or upon the premises or on the highway:  
Debtor's Name
Debtors Business Name (If needed)
Debtor's Business Address: (being the commercial premises at which the rent is due and CRAR may be exercised)
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Debtors Contact Number
Type of Business (ie Garage,Cafe,Ind Unit etc)
Landlords Name*
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Landlords Contact Number:
Signature of Landlord or person authorised to act on Landlords behalf
Managing Agent's Name:
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Details of Rent To Be Collected (Rent Only)
Managing Agents E-mail:
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Amount of Interest Owed £
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Period to which this rent relates From :
Date To:
Authorisation Date:
Instructions For Enforcement After 7 days
I/We hereby authorise any enforcement under the instruction of Beacon Enforcement of Suite 6003,24-26 George Place, Plymouth PL1 3NY, to commence a schedule 12 procedure against my/ our tenant including Taking Control of Goods, chattels and effects in or upon the premises or on the highway: We hereby authorize and empower you as an enforcement agent to take control of goods, chattels and effects found in or upon the premises in the tenure or occupation of the above debtor and to proceed therein for the recovery of the said pure rents and costs of executing CRAR as the Law directs: And for doing this, this shall be your sufficient warrant, authority and indemnification against all actions at law, as well as against all costs, charges, expenses and legal disbursements which you may incur or be liable to pay by reason of your executing this warrant, and hereby undertake not to hold Beacon Enforcement or its subsidiaries accountable for any goods forcibly or clandestinely removed. Should any cheque or credit card payment collected by Beacon Enforcement, be recalled by the bank or credit card company after you have paid funds over to us and reasons beyond your control, we shall repay those funds to you immediately and deem rent to be still unpaid:
Electronic Signature Agreement. By submitting these instructions to Beacon Enforcement you are signing this document electronically and agree that this constitutes the legal equivalent of your manual signature (referred to as your "E-Signature"), acceptance and agreement as if actually signed by you in writing. You also represent that you are authorized to provide these instructions on behalf of the creditor and will be bound by the terms of this Agreement. *
I herby identify and confirm the above indemnity clause*