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Illegal Fly Traders

Do you have illegal shops or mobile venders trading on  your land  or your clients without authorization?

Fly Traders in Your Shop

Wharehouse raves or Parties

 Illegal Burger Vans on Industrial estates

We can help

Beacon Enforcement are specialists in the removal of Fly traders

Contact Us for our Enforcement team to start removal Now

Please fill in the form below to act under common law, which is the warrant to start action and avoids costly court action.

Police will be notified of intentions and actions before and after.

We keep the client updated as the eviction process is on going.

On common law evictions we usaully have a minium of two Certificated Enforcement Agents, who wear bodyworn cameras, to record the Eviction.

If needed, we can arrange Security & Dog Patrols, Concrete Blocks & Sitex Building security.

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Warrant to Repossess Land to Beacon Enforcement

Warrant to Repossess Land To Beacon Enforcement

Certificated Bailiffs/Enforcement Agents

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I/We herby Authorise You, A Certificated Enforcement Agent, To Effect The Removal Of Unlawful Occupants On The Land Described Below, Using The Common Law Authority Found In Halsburys Law of England
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By issuing this instruction we hereby authorise and empower you as an enforcement agent to to effect the removal of unlawful occupants upon land / premises situated and being at and to proceed therein for the recovery of the said property / land as the Law directs: And for doing this, this shall be your sufficient warrant, authority and indemnification against all actions at law, as well as against all costs, charges, expenses and legal disbursements which you may incur or be liable to pay by reason of your executing this warrant, and hereby undertake not to hold Beacon Enforcement accountable for any damage or loss of goods forcibly or clandestinely removed.

Electronic Signature Agreement.

By submitting these instructions to Beacon Enforcement you are signing this document electronically and agree that this constitutes the legal equivalent of your manual signature (referred to as your "E-Signature"), acceptance and agreement as if actually signed by you in writing. 

You also represent that you are authorised to provide these instructions on behalf of the creditor and will be bound by the terms of this Agreement.

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