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Employment Tribunal  or ACAS Award  Enforcement

If you have been awarded by Employment Tribunal award or ACAS  settlement and you’re former employer has failed to pay or only paid part of what’s due to you. We can help by transferring it to the High Court to get paid.

We operate using the Fast Track Scheme that was introduced in 2010 to make it quicker and straight forward for people who have secured an Employment Tribunals awards or ACAS Conciliations.

Beacon Enforcement under the direction of our High Court Enforcement Officer(HCEO), We operate all over Cornwall, Devon, Somerset &  further afield and are able to recover your money.

What can we do 

  • There is No minimal award, normally a judgment must be £600 or above for transfer to the High Court for enforcement, this is not the case with Employment Tribunal & ACAS awards
  • There is no Compliance fee, so your maximum outlay is £66.00 for the writ, and if your enforcement is successful, this fee is recovered from the defendant(ex-employee).
  • Also, we add interest to the award, plus all enforcement fees and costs are recovered from the defendant.

How the High Court Enforcement works

To instruct us,

  • Pay £66.00 to Beacon Enforcement with your Name as Ref:    ( Sort Code 09-01-29  Act No 05256785)
  • Please fill in the form below and then we will obtain the writ, we will send the Notice of Enforcement to the respondent(your ex/employer)
  • This gives the ex/employer 7 clear days (9 Days allowing for the post)
  • Then after the 7 days if full payment is not received and then an enforcement agent will attend. The respondent will be asked to pay in full or enter into a payment arrangement.
  • If no response, we would enter into stage 2, which would increase fees and we would take control of the goods under a controlled goods agreement (CGA), which is a payment plan secured against goods or assets, in effect they cannot be moved or sold until full payment or a payment plan.
  • The final stage would be goods either removed to auction or secured on the premises with an auction being held there and sold to satisfy the debt.

Instruct Beacon Enforcement Bailiffs

If you have any problems attaching documents onto this form, just email the attachments separately on the link: 

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