County Court Judgments

Do you have a unpaid County Court  Judgement(CCJ) and is it over £600 ?

Beacon Enforcement work in partnership with leading High Court Enforcement Officers from DLS Enforcement(Derby Legal Services) which includes Frank Whitworth, Andy Coates and Kate Fellows all full members  of the High Court Enforcement officers association and very experienced.

Beacon Enforcement are their approved contractor for South West England giving a truly local service. To instruct DLS Enforcement which will utilise the services of Beacon Enforcement for the bailiffs in the field in the south west and as your  local client manger, complete our form now and make payment of the £161.00 fee.

The advantages our clients have found after transferring up their County Court judgments (CCJ) has produced a quicker and faster collection. Which leads to a more cost-effective process and produces higher rates of collection, over County Court bailiffs. To put it bluntly, we are paid on collection!

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