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Residential Evictions

What do I need?

To evict any persons from a property, premises, or land, you will first require an order for possession from either the County Court or from the High Court.

When a claimant gets an order for possession from the County Court, it only entitles them to use County Court bailiffs to enforce the order.

County Court  Bailiffs work for the Ministry of Justice, At this moment in time due to COVID 19 there are considerable delays and most courts in the south-west there is now a waiting list. Typically a Possession Order can now take 8 to 12 weeks to be executed by a Count Court Bailiffs

Enforcing a Writ of Possession

The quickest alternative to get your property back is to use Section 42 of the County Courts Act 1984. This allows for the fast transfer up of the case from the County Court to the High Court for enforcement by a High Court Enforcement Officer under a Writ of Possession.

Private Enforcement Agents (Bailiffs) working under the authority of our High Court Enforcement Officer Frank G Whitworth are then able to enforce the writ quickly.

A new procedure from 23 August 2020 has simplified the procedure. You can now make an application to transfer up your Order for Possession to the High Court without first having to obtain permission from the County Court. We can assist with the application and transfer process.

Beacon Enforcement via our High Court Enforcement Officer can enforce all writs of possession against Residential and Business tenants, Squatters, etc.

For further information please telephone our advisors now for a quote, before completing the instruction form. Each eviction is unique and has different circumstances that affect the cost of the eviction.

Attending the Eviction

By law, we require you or your representative to attend and sign to receive vacant possession of the property or land. For safety reasons, the attending person must not take any part in the possession.

Instruct Beacon Enforcement Bailiffs          

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