PROCESS SERVER: Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Beacon Enforcement?

We are Process servers, we serve legal papers all over South-west of England  and the rest of the Uk

How much does a process server cost?

Our fees start from £ 80.00, please contact us for advice & price

How many times do we visit a property or home?

We visit at three different times at a property and we update the client on our visits.

What happens if a process server can’t serve you?

If a process server can’t serve you, two things may be involved. It is either they are avoiding being served or there were not available during the number of times the notice of the initial legal action is served. If the latter is the case, it means the plaintiff will have to continue to explore every means including serving you through i.e. the newspaper, email or mailbox (depending on the type of process serving documents) —the judge can allow the papers to be left at your home or business place with any competent person above the age of 18 – substituted or alternative service.

Do you serve Legal Aid Work?

Yes we serve documents under the Legal aid scheme

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