Do you need legal documents or orders from the United States of America served in the United Kingdom?


Beacon Enforcement can help to serve your legal documents all over Great Britain

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Process Serving in the Uk

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Experts in last minute and planned civil process serving in the United Kingdom. Our experienced process servers will liaise with you to meet your requirements for state law.





Serve legal Documents


We provide a nationwide process service based in Plymouth uk. We serve  US  documents, court orders, statutory demands, and any other legal documents all over Great Britain. We can also serve papers all over Great Britain &  Northern Ireland, through our network of Agents. We will visit the Respondents address up to three times, which is included in our fee. At all times we update you on the client, with your case. Whether it’s a Us Divorce Petition or any other legal document/order, no case is too small, and we have the capacity to process large volumes of work.

  • Receive your documents via courier or attached to an email 
  • Transfer your process papers to our local process server 
  • Begin attempts within the time frame you requested
  • Update you on the status of your process as attempts are made
  • Keep you informed about any service exceptions or unusual events
  • Prepare affidavit for substitute service if required 
  • Update you when subject is served
  • Fill out the Return of Service and Notarize 
  • Expedite the Return of Service documents back to you





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