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For free friendly advice, about the High Court Enforcement process,

Phone 01752 936084

High Court Enforcement Form

If you have a County Court Judgement this must be in excess of £600.00, then Beacon Enforcement can help transfer it up, we work under the direction of Frank Whitworth an Authorised High Court Enforcement Officer.

High Court Enforcement  Service

If you have a CCJ (County court judgment) against a debtor, who has failed to make a payment, or the County Court Bailiff has failed to collect a payment. START NOW

We under the Authority and guidance of Authorized High Court Enforcement Officer, We operate all over Cornwall, Devon & Somerset are able to execute Writs of Control under the direction of a High Court Officer

If you have an unpaid County Court Judgment (CCJ) or order OVER £600 (including court costs) up to 6 years old, then we are able to offer our services under the direction of an Authorized High Court Enforcement Agent.

The advantages our clients have found after transferring up their County Court judgments (CCJ) has produced a quicker and faster collection. Which leads to a more cost-effective process and produces higher rates of collection, over County Court bailiffs. To put it bluntly, were paid on collection!

To Start the process to transfer up to High Court Fee is £166.00 in total, to pay this to us please transfer Beacon Enforcement Sort code 09/01/29 Act No 05256785 plus your Name and then fill in the form below.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate in contacting us via email info@beacon-enforcement.co.uk or phone us 01752 936084

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If you have any problems attaching documents onto this form, just email the attachments separately via clicking on info@beacon-enforcement.co.uk 

PHONE PLYMOUTH 01752 93 60 84